Karel Gott | Canzoni | My World (2nd version)

Original: Il mondo

anno: 1966

tempo: 2:40

musica: Jimmy Fontana, Carlo Pes

paroli: Robert Mellin

orchestra, coro: TOČR - Josef Vobruba

altre versioni:

Stay beside me
Stay beside me
Say you never leave me
how I love how I love how I need you
please, believe me
in your arms I've found my heaven
and your lips have done their part

In my world
your love is all I need
in my world
let tender kissis plead
in my world
how could I ever live without you ?

in my world
my heart belong to you
so take it
and promise me you never break it
say you'll stay in my arms

im my world...

The Golden Voice of Prague (Recital)(1970) [ID 1019]

The Golden Voice of Prague