Karel Gott | Pjesme | Climb Every Mountain

godina: 1968

vrijeme: 0:00

orkestar, hor: Ladislav Štaidl - Jaroslav Dřevíkovský

studio: Lucerna Praha, 9.1.

Paradise is here my love, with you by my side
Now until forever, till the end of time
I wished upon a thousand stars, someday you I'd find
I'm living for you baby, you'll always be mine
I m searching for you baby
Drowning in your love
No I'll never give it up

Oh I climb every mountain
And I cross every sea
To lay in your arms for eternity
Sail every ocean
To capture your heart
To be in your arms
Never to be apart

I climb every mountain - To be with you
I cross every sea - To be with you
\'m here for you darling
You belong to me

Since you won my heart, my love
I've never been the same
I need your love to feed it
Like a flower needs the rain
Some things, they will never change
Babe, you know it's true
I live for you only, it's all that I can do
Waiting for you baby
Hungry for your love
No I'll never get enough