Karel Gott | Lieder | Amore, amore mio

Jahr: 1977

Zeit: 3:28

Musik: Joe Sentieri

Text: Maurus Pacher

Orchester, Chor: Pragokoncert - Ladislav Štaidl, Milivoj Uzelac

Studio: Mozarteum

andere Versionen:

Amore, Amore mio
will you be mine?
Amore, Amore mio
I've travelled all alone
the seas of time
If all the world can give
I can't give me you
I've lost and I've been lonely
yet I need you

I've had my share of loving
I've done all that I had to
it's over now, my darling
please be mine

I hold you tight and love you
I know that you have loved too
you were so free
but everything I'll give you
when you're with me
so come and let me hold you
I know this is forever
and let me whisper softly
please be mine

Amore mio
I long for you
Amore, Amore mio
I'll search for love is true
will look now more

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