Karel Gott | Písně | Day By Day

rok: 1967

čas: 1:58

hudba: Giorgie Guglieri

text: Robert Mellin

orchestr, sbor: Karel Krautgartner

studio: Dejvice

Day by day I miss you more and more and more
please come back, that's all I'm waiting for
Day by day I'm searching for you everywhere
please come back and tell me that you care

I'm so sad and lonely since you went away
but I love you only, please say
that you come back now my love
there must be no delay
for my love is growing day by day

for my love is growing day by day

Only You (Walk With Me)(1993) [ID 1586]

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The Golden Voice of Prague (komplet 6 / Walk With Me)(1998) [ID 1001]

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