Karel Gott | CD Bílé vánoce (komplet 31)

[White Christmas]

  1. album song  Text  Bílé vánoce (3:30)
  2. album song  Text  Dny zázraků a přání (3:43)
  3. album song  Text  Tvůj stromek (2:09)
  4. album song  Text  Při vánočních svíčkách (4:11)
  5. album song  Text  Naše první vánoce (2:44)
  6. album song  Text  Zítra stromek zazáří (2:11)
  7. album song  Text  Návrat (2:00)
  8. album song  Text  Moudré smíření (1:31)
  9. album song  Text  Štědrý večer nastal (0:51)
  10. album song  Text  Nesem vám noviny (1:15)
  11. album song  Text  Já bych rád k Betlému (1:45)
  12. album song  Text  Bratři, já jsem slyšel (1:49)
  13. album song  Text  Pastýři vstávejte (1:39)
  14. album song  Text  Jak jsi krásné, neviňátko (1:43)
  15. album song  Text  Narodil se z lásky k nám (2:11)
  16. album song  Text  Chtíc aby spal (3:00)
  17. album song  Text  V té noci zázračné (4:01)
  18. album song  Text  Ave Maria (3:03)
  19. TV record  Text  Pár havraních copánků (2:32)
  20. single record  Text  Vánoční strom (3:20)
  21. album song  Text  S láskou jdu k vám (2:59)
  22. album song  Text  Snění (2:57)
  23. album song  Text  O kráse těchto svátků (3:31)
  24. album song  Text  Sen o vánocích (3:20)
  25. TV record  Text  Všechno spí (1:46)
  26. TV record  Text  Už záhy přijde vzácná noc (1:40)
  27. single record  Text  El nacimiento (3:24)
  28. album song  Text  Tichá noc (3:32)
  29. single record  Text  Alžbětínská serenáda (3:34)
Karel Gott | Bílé vánoce (komplet 31)

CD Supraphon (CZ) SU 5635-2


The christmas album Bílé vánoce from 1982 belongs among the most successful titles of not only Karel Gott, but the whole Czech pop-music, though it has been sold during the past period of its release in the amount of more than 220 000 copies and until nowadays, the number has reached 400 000 pieces. The first side of the record is devoted to current christmas songs, such as the legendary Bílé vánoce of B.Crosby in the irresistible presentation of Karel Gott and new songs of Czech production, the other side is devoted to classical, mostly Czech folk carrols. Except for the song Bílé vánoce on the album, the second cantilena, Dny zázraků a přání, excells on the album. This album was also one of the first ones, which were already back in 1988 released in re-edition on CD and Karel Gott recorded it in an English version called White Christmas, where the title song got a different arrangement. The english version was released only on LP.

I have to admit, that in the case of releasing Bílé vánoce in the re-edition complete, we have been hoping that Supraphon would make an exception, as it was in the case of the album Romantika, and include the English recordings of the album White Christmas as bonus (which we consider even better that the Czech ones). Into the re-edition, which is called Complete, releasing of all the available recordings should obviously be included, and this is mainly the case of the English versions. It's a pity, that the re-editon Komplet, which could have become a giant projet, it only remains as a fragment, or at least a piece which has not been brought to the end and it misses any conception. It would certainly be better to complete Bílé Vánoce with the album White Christmas (eventually even better, to release it separatelly) and to release all of the previously unreleased Christmas songs on a separate album of Christmas singles.

As far as the included bonuses are considered, old recordings can be found here again (Alžbětínská serenáda, Vánoční strom, Ave Maria, Pár havraních copánků), which have previously been released long time ago and they have no space here. Instead of the previously unreleased English versions, they serve rather as a padding. The album Malá sváteční hudba, which has been split in the re-edition, would also deserve to be released separately in complete, even delayed. And why not include instrumental recordings, as it was in the former version. It's a mystery as well, why the beautiful christmas song Dingi lingi ding dong was released on the album Hrátky s láskou, instead of here.. Let's add that from the songs, which were presented in the christmas story Štědrý den bratří Mánesů, the duet with Hana Zagorová Šel bych rád k Betlému has not been included on the CD.