Karel Gott | CD Sentiment

  1. album song  Text  Sentiment (3:35)
  2. album song  Text  Chraň Bůh (3:06)
  3. album song  Text  Svět je báječnej kout (3:03)
  4. album song  Text  Kdo ví, kde je ta pláž (2:56)
  5. album song  Text  Každý jednou velkou lásku potká (2:44)
  6. album song  Text  Blues pro tebe (3:32)
  7. album song  Text  Bláznem zdám se (3:14)
  8. album song  Text  Miss Jones (2:27)
  9. album song  Text  Ty jsi můj zvláštní anděl (2:45)
  10. album song  Text  Všechno právě teď je jen (3:24)
  11. album song  Text  Dívka v modrém (3:23)
  12. album song  Text  Tvůj krok zní (3:36)
  13. album song  Text  Já a můj svět (2:52)
  14. album song  Text  Ten pán, co tančí s vámi (2:51)
  15. album song  Text  Zpívám jednu píseň dál a dál (3:59)
  16. album song  Text  Dobré roky to jsou (4:17)
  17. album song  Text  Tak půjdem spát (3:12)
Karel Gott | Sentiment

CD Supraphon (CZ) SU 6034-2


We hold an album in our hands, which has been prepared for an unusual long period of time and last of the songs have been recorded just before its release, which has been postponed several times. The “professional” reviewers treated this new album by Karel Gott mostly in a rather positive way, which we actually could expect more or less, because this album does not wake any controversial reactions and can´t really provoke with anything. The album contains a choice of repertoire, time-proven timeless songs, a great orchestra and performance of the songs types which have always been suitable for him. Even if the reviewers would like shoot the album down, they would hardly find some reasons.

We expected that the album will be a quality one and almost nobody could doubt about it this time. The singer has set on security, but still he has presented the old songs in his own unchangeable way. Other we could rather say, he just enjoyed it and took the opportunity he got from the Czech radio, because he does not have to prove anything since long.. So we can only compare the former versions and originals. Despite the new recordings only overreach the former ones very exceptionally, only for the strength of the habit, but it does not make really sense to review them. The important thing is the fact that you can hear that Karel enjoys his singing and he sings in a very light way, the songs will caress your soul. I have to admit, that even I like Karel Gott in this shape and it also fits his growing age. Maybe it would not be bad to continue this way even with the following album, this time with completely new songs. We mean songs which have a soul and which go against the stream of the time. Shortly songs we miss in the current main stream. Sometimes it´s better than to be modern at any price – this is the task for the young generation, because the music scene nowadays is grounded on the cold electro sound and the “American” way of singing, it´s completely different than the classical pop music as we know it. In total, this album can rank among the best albums he has ever done – in the similar way as the former one “Lidovky mého srdce”, though we probably can´t expect any sales success from any of them.

But in the following matter of the review, I have to admit that the reviewer is right - and hereby I mean the sleeve of the album, which rather reminds of sabotage. There were so many nice pictures shot, but the absolutely worst one has been chosen. We will find a beautiful photo already at the back of the album. That´s a pity… And the graphical design is not much worth either.

PROMO: Karel Gott has turned to “music of his heart” on the new studio album, music which comes from the time when swing orchestras ruled the scenes. In the era of music made mostly by computers, you will get a real portion of singing and music, which has risen in the Prague radio Studio A, with lyrics exactly according to the singer´s taste, with the great big band of the Czech radio conducted by Václav Kozel and hosting dozens of real string sections. Among the songs of repertoire by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Vinton or Louis Armstrong, even the Czech songs Blues pro tebe (Blues for you) by Jiří Suchý, Dívka v modrém (A girl in blue) by Emanuel Nováček or Tvůj krok zní (Your step sounds) by Alfons Jindra made their way. These were the samples of Czech hit melodies of the swing and post-swing era. Karel Gott presents himself in the extraordinary quality material, newly arranged especially for him and proven by long time passed and interpretation of many singers of similar prominent position. Chraň bůh (That´s Life), Svět je báječnej kout (What A Wonderful World), Každý jednou velkou lásku potká (Everybody Loves Somebody), Bláznem zdám se (Crazy), Ty jsi můj zvláštní anděl (You Are My Special Angel), Dobré roky to jsou(It Was A Very Good Year) or Tak půjdem spát (As Time Goes By) All of them bring back the times of big orchestras, big voices and strong melodies and large themes: love belongs to the most important ones. Famous evergreens in a great packaging!

2012-09-29 11:53 | Rostislav

Líbí se nám :-)