Karel Gott | VHS Hvězda padá vzhůru

[A Star's Falling Up]

  1. TV record  Text  Kufr iluzí (2:43)
  2. TV record  Text  Šel tudy, měl dudy (1:03)
  3. TV record  Text  Půjčovna kostýmů (1:37)
  4. TV record  Text  Zednická (1:35)
  5. TV record  Text  Svatební (2:10)
  6. TV record  Text  Já mít tak dar (2:25)
  7. TV record  Text  Láska je výlet balónem (1:50)
  8. TV record  Text  Kufr iluzí (2:43)
  9. TV record  Text  Domů k nám (3:55)
Karel Gott | Hvězda padá vzhůru

VHS Bonton (CZ) 1131498


In 1975, a really unconventional album was released. It is actually a kind of soundtrack to a musical film with the same name from 1974, where Karel Gott plays the lead part and except for dialogs, the album contains hits such as Kufr iluzí or Domů k nám. The reviewers have not valued the acting performace of Karel Gott in a bad way, on contrary, though the film was not really accepted by the viewers. Karel Gott made a press statement that he would rather record new hits than loose time with film recordings. The album was not either released in the CD re-edition Komplet, only some of the songs were added to the album Karel Gott 1974.