Karel Gott | LP MC Live '85

  1. live record  Text  Das sind die schönsten Jahre - Ich probier's nochmal - Meine Welt (Opening) (4:29)
  2. single record  Text  Die Liebe lebt (3:44)
  3. single record  Text  Lass eine Frau niemals allein (4:47)
  4. live record  Text  Traumzeit (2:48)
  5. live record  Text  All Shook Up - Unchained Melody - Only You (Rock'n'Roll Medley) (6:24)
  6. single record  Text  Die tausend Türme meiner Stadt (2:56)
  7. live record  Text  Zeit für die Polka - In deinen Armen - Hm, hm, hm, sag ich aus Liebe zu Dir - Brauchst du einen Mann Louise - Hopp Julia (Polka Medley) (4:21)
  8. live record  Text  Sag mir zum Abschied was Liebes (3:54)
  9. live record  Text  Maria, Mari (3:56)
  10. single record  Text  Freude gibt es auf der ganzen Welt (3:12)
Karel Gott | Live '85

LP MC Amiga (DDR) 8 56 174


In 1985, another album in the row of live albums was released, this time a very successful one. It captures a live recording of one of the Karel Gott shows in Hamburg, where also TV cameras were present. And definitely, it had to be a real experience. Karel was in great shape and more, this was during the period when his popularity in Western Europe reached its top and when he sometimes had to leave the sport halls, filled with crazy fan crowds, with police escort. On the album we can listen to current hits and also a new song, a version of the song Pábitelé or Začínám žít, but also rock´n´roll, folk songs or the highlight of the evening, Bílá, in duet with the famous singer Angelika Milster. The album was also released in the same year by Amiga in Eastern Germany. Note: In the show, also two single records were performed, which we already could hear one year earlier in the film called Prag, wie ich es mag. The title of the album “Live” is a bit confusing, because at least in case of four songs, no live recording has been made – well, except for the applause, which we believe was really live. It´s a pity that only the advice single hit on the sleeve, Die Liebe lebt, was released without the applause (in the Czech version Začínám žít) and Lass eine Frau niemals allein. Who knows, maybe the “live” album was not supposed to be live at all. Nevertheless, the recorded singles had their premiere in the TV show and the show was released on this CD.