Karel Gott | CD Dotek lásky

[Touch of Love]

  1. album song ne Text  Party (3:04)
  2. album song  Text  S tebou vždycky přijde máj (3:43)
  3. album song ne Text  Čas (2:37)
  4. album song ne Text  Ďábel tisíc tváří má (2:24)
  5. album song ne Text  Já toužil plout (5:25)
  6. album song ne Text  Podezírání (3:35)
  7. album song ne Text  Můj ideál (4:11)
  8. album song ne Text  S ní (2:30)
  9. album song ne Text  Modrý samet (2:50)
  10. album song ne Text  Dotek lásky (3:25)
  11. album song ne Text  Ona mi věří (4:05)
  12. album song ne Text  Já znám lásky pád (3:39)
  13. album song ne Text  Vincent van Gogh (4:33)
  14. album song ne Text  Sochy v dešti (3:22)
  15. album song ne Text  Všichni mí strážní andělé (3:53)
  16. album song ne Text  Solitér (4:00)
  17. album song ne Text  Nic nás nezastaví (3:50)
Karel Gott | Dotek lásky

CD Supraphon (CZ) SU 6075-2


This records directly offers the comparison to the previous album Sentiment. Again beautiful, songs verified by the past, and despite of the fact that this time, no big band or any other orchestra accompanied the recordings, the recordings were rather done with the help of computer support, as it is nowadays usually the case. But this does not lower the pleasant experience of the listening, well, at the end, you can’t really compare incomparable. In any case, Karel Gott has again proved that this kind of repertoire suits him better than well and we can very well compare his versions to the original famous ones. Even if you still have to listen to this album several times, before you get used to the new versions and come into the right mood. If you know the original recordings, and if they belong among your favorites and you have been used to them for years, maybe it will take some time for you to realize that these songs are also as good as originals in the presentation of Karel Gott (if not even better), because the habit is second nature even if you like the singing of Karel Gott. If you say that the cover versions usually do not reach over the originals, in this case, it’s not really the truth, and Karel Gott has not brought shame on his previous cover versions either. To analyse every single recording does not really make sense, it depends on the fact, if you know some of them and also if they belong among your favorites. For me, the whole impression of this album is very good, as it was the case considering other albums from the recent past and it would also be great if the new album with new songs would be done in a similar way of the highly set standard. You don’t have to reach the young generation for every price and record radio-played hits or offer yourself and loose quality. There are more than enough of average songs. Some escapes in the form of modern techno or hip hop may not be bad, but this style suites the (never)aging singer better. Sometimes it’s better to go against the stream of time, than to keep up with the times for every price.

Finally, the music scene nowadays is so split, that it’s not even clear where it goes and develops. Today you can play, sing and listen to almost everything, so it’s hard to say which style is the modern one - it’s not even possible. To hit the newest trends is a lottery game nowadays more than before, the important thing is to remain yourself - to be credible. It seems that everything has already been here - it’s only a repetition or recycled material. This album is surely more than only a recycled product, because it brings added value, when you feel that the singer is putting his heart into his singing. So exactly in the way he feels and he does not need to strive for anything or pretend, reach any style or just want to be successful. And there are not many of them... It’s does not matter that old songs are considered. What more should we add? Maybe if you do not download but buy the album (it might also be one of the last released CD records), you do not have to regret. The CD contains also a quality, booklet with lyrics of several pages. Also the pictures are very nice and the cover looks very nice - unlike the previous album.

PROMO: The new album of Karel Gott brings Czech versions of his favorite songs from the worldwide music treasury! First of all from American pop, rock’n’roll, soul or country models, the singer has chosen great melodic themes, partially already earlier covered in our country, but also especially for this occasion newly discovered. Karel Gott admits with taste his weakness for the velvet material by Elvis (Always On My Mind, Suspicious Minds or Devil In Disguise), he has not jumped over listening to other classical pieces of the 50ies and 60ies either (Blue Velvet, Crying In The Rain or I’m A Believer). During the discussion about his favorite songs he has made his way to the end of the 90ies: from Ben, Vincent or She up to Endless Love (duet with Monika Absolonová) or Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (duet with Gabriela Gunčíková) up to If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time by R. Kelly. The famous models of the famous singers and bands have received a united music and sound production in the studio ORM, lyrics come from the heritage of Z. Borovec or P. Vrba, also E. Krečmar, K. Šíp, M. Skalka or V. Poštulka have contributed as lyrics writers. Every single song has a special meaning to Karel Gott, from strong melodies up to the former artist: The detailed explanation can be found in the rich booklet of the album, also containing the complete of the lyrics. Karel Gott offers songs which also have brought joy to him as a listener for years - and on this album, he has performed them in a way so they may bring the joy also to all of his fans. Karel Gott 2012: World hits in the Czech gala presentation.