Karel Gott | CD Poslouchejte! (komplet 10)

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  1. album song  Text  Narodil se máj (3:52)
  2. album song  Text  Zpátky si dám tenhle film (3:21)
  3. album song  Text  Eloise (5:34)
  4. album song  Text  Píšťala a hůl (3:55)
  5. album song  Text  Pokoj duši tvé (2:44)
  6. album song  Text  Píseň pro Káťu (2:44)
  7. album song  Text  Teď nemám čas, možná jindy (2:14)
  8. album song  Text  Žaluju ptákům (2:49)
  9. album song  Text  Požehnej, bože můj (2:43)
  10. album song  Text  Láska bláznivá (3:19)
  11. album song  Text  Zpíval jsem rád (2:53)
  12. album song  Text  Turn On Your Love Light (2:09)
  13. single record  Text  Káva a rýže (3:18)
  14. single record  Text  Hej, páni konšelé (4:35)
  15. single record  Text  Čápi už nemaj' stání (3:12)
  16. single record  Text  Dulcinea (3:31)
  17. single record  Text  Good-bye (2:48)
  18. single record  Text  Já toužím po životě (2:44)
  19. single record  Text  Poslouchej, amore (2:46)
  20. single record  Text  Korunou si hodím (2:37)
  21. TV record  Text  Srdce trubadúra (2:26)
  22. live record  Text  Ebb Tide (2:45)
  23. live record  Text  Cikánka (1:02)
  24. live record  Text  Škoda lásky (1:14)
Karel Gott | Poslouchejte! (komplet 10)

CD Sony Music (CZ) 495123-2

In 1969, a very successful album was released, which was actually the second serial Karel Gott record. In the re-edition CD Complete it was completed by further hits. The voice of Karel Gott has developed completely now and located in the belcanto singing and it has made possible for him to interprete even the most difficult songs in a master way. The album was filled with cantilens, the song called Láska bláznivá (Crazy Love - but not Anka's) or Narodil se máj (The May Is Born) have become megahits without any doubt and even other songs do not stay behind. Except for cantilens, even faster songs are not missing, which Karel Gott sings with an obvious eager. It is still worth to return to this album. Maybe only the coverversion of Eloise makes you feel embarassed (the orchestra play and recording quality is not too high), but no doubt, Karel Gott has mastered it in a perfect way as well. The album was awarded by golden record.