Karel Gott | DVD Prag - Karel Gott führt durch die goldene Stadt


Karel Gott | Prag - Karel Gott führt durch die goldene Stadt

DVD WM / AmCo (DE), Luxury Mult. Ireland (IR) 9866821, 2619022

If the DVD Mein Prag was not so much about Prague, but mainly about Karel Gott, so it's the case of the title "Prague - Karel Gott guides you through "the golden city" the opposite. The name here is rather faulty and it may be a marketing draw how to use a famous name. So if you look forward to buy Karel Gott or that you will hear him sing, you will get disappointed. In the whole film, Karel Gott appears only several times, to say a few words in a symbolical way, nothing more.. The film is recorded with a femal voice, which in reality comments the shown sights of Prague. Attention, though it's strange, on DVD, there is no mention that it only is a copy of the formerly released Austrian VHS casette (!) from the beginning of the 90ies - the quality is lower than we could expect for an original title - at least in case of Ireland editions of Luxury multimedia, distributed by the dutch label Galaxy Music in Europe.