Karel Gott | LP My Czech Favourites

  1. single record  Text  Lady Carneval (2:57)
  2. single record  Text  C'est la vie (3:08)
  3. album song  Text  Narodil se máj (3:52)
  4. single record  Text  Tam, kam chodí vítr spát (2:19)
  5. album song  Text  Hej, hej, baby (3:43)
  6. album song  Text  Nejsem, nejsem rád (3:46)
  7. single record  Text  Dívka toulavá (3:29)
  8. single record  Text  Pošli to dál (2:46)
  9. album song  Text  Láska bláznivá (3:19)
  10. single record  Text  Proč ptáci zpívají (3:34)
  11. album song  Text  Já se asi v létě ožením (3:07)
  12. single record  Text  Good-bye (2:48)
Karel Gott | My Czech Favourites

LP Supraphon Artia 1 13 1027

Exceptionally, we mention another selection album. But this one is really a very important one. It was released in 1972 and it contains hits from 1965-70. It has become one of the most selling compilation albums in czech pop music history and it was also estimated for foreign market, even though it only contained songs sung in czech. Hundreds of thousands copies of this album have been sold and it was awarded a golden record, even if golden records have not been awarded in the same way as nowadays. In 1979, it was also released in Canada and in 1991 it was re-released, but again only on LP-record.