Karel Gott | DVD Zůstanu svůj - hity z 80. let

[I'm Only Me - Hits of 80's]

  1. album song  Text  A to mám rád (2:24)
  2. album song  Text  Odnauč se říkat ne (3:17)
  3. live record  Text  Nestarej se, kamaráde (1:35)
  4. single record  Text  Žít (3:56)
  5. live record  Text karel gott mp3 Hrátky s láskou
  6. album song  Text  Oheň v sobě máš (4:06)
  7. album song  Text  Pláč (3:18)
  8. album song  Text  Zůstanu svůj (3:59)
  9. album song  Text  Mlčení ve dvou (4:21)
  10. live record  Text  All Shook Up (1:52)
  11. TV record  Text  To musím zvládnout sám (3:20)
  12. single record  Text  Neznámý pár (4:21)
  13. TV record  Text  Oh, Marie (3:56)
  14. album song  Text  Zůstaň stát (3:20)
  15. single record  Text  Párkrát mlčet (3:45)
  16. TV record  Text  Já žil, jak jsem žil (2:48)
  17. album song  Text  Portrét neznámé (3:44)
  18. album song  Text  Pábitelé (3:01)
  19. live record  Text karel gott mp3 Z dávných dnů (2:05)
  20. album song  Text  Čau lásko (3:32)
  21. live record  Text  Mattinata (2:00)
  22. single record  Text  Bílá (4:23)
  23. album song  Text  Kantiléna (4:15)
  24. live record  Text karel gott mp3 Zvonky štěstí (2:30)
  25. live record  Text karel gott mp3 Lásko má
  26. album song  Text  Posel dobrých zpráv (3:58)
  27. live record  Text karel gott mp3 Žárlivý (2:40)
  28. album song  Text  Holka v domě (4:00)
  29. album song  Text  Když milenky pláčou (2:49)
  30. single record  Text  Půlnoc v motelu Stop (3:47)
  31. album song  Text  Beatles (3:22)
  32. album song  Text  Chyť své dny (3:55)
  33. live record  Text karel gott mp3 Muzika (2:58)
  34. single record  Text  Krev toulavá (2:41)
  35. live record  Text karel gott mp3 Ráno jedu dál (1:17)
  36. live record  Text karel gott mp3 Be My Love (5:07)
Karel Gott | Zůstanu svůj - hity z 80. let

DVD Supraphon (CZ) SU 7092-9

The third part of the series, which creates a picture survey through the 80ies, has been released on the videoalbum Zůstanu svůj, with a concise name. The new period of time is coming, simple and enjoyable melodies of the 70ies have been replaced by discowaves, middle stream is pushed by other and new genres, popular music scene claims more from the listeners (resp. listeners claim more from the music). Karel Gott gains continuously strong competition of young singers, but he remains loyal to his Kantiléna, as mentioned in that song and he stays himself – Zůstanu svůj. And the time has prooved that it was a good choice. We can polemize about the choice of the songs, the singer has recorded quite a huge number of video records in this decade and a large offer was certainly available. Despite of the fact that the DVD seems a bit without concept and we could choose better records, it still feels comfortable. Here we can again regret the fact that every decade does not include two discs, but there´s nothing we can do. But in any case, it is again a reminder, especially for those of us who went through their growing-up period then. Only in rear view mirror, we can realize how much the time have changed, how fast it got, how unpersonal and unpolite – at the music scene as well. I often hear that this was a period when we did not have much to choose from, but still it was a better period in many aspects. Many people even consider this period to present the top era of pop music, even though this is a personal opinion and the matter of the fact to which age group you belong. But we just can´t stand the nostalgic feelings. On the other hand, many songs from ths period are really timeless, so we can feel as if they were recorded yesterday and there have not been so many changes after all…