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Карел Готт | Песни | Moon Lady

год: 1977

музыка: Karel Svoboda

текст: Joy Turner

оркестр, хор: Pragokoncert - Ladislav Štaidl, Milivoj Uzelac

студия: Mozarteum

другие версии:

karel gott  mp3


Do you recall our rendez-vous
long ago, Moonlight Lady
we wandered in your golden globe
hand in hand, Moon Lady
the world was ours, just hers and mine
and as the hours passed by
we thought that fate would always be
on our side, for all time, Moon Lady

We knew the joy of youthful days
she and I, Moonlight Lady
the things that made us love and cry
hand in hand, Moon Lady
we hoped and planned as lovers do
life seemed so grand and true
we didn't know what lay ahead
but did you, say did you, Moon Lady

The years have passed and I'm alone
all alone, Moonlight Lady
no longer do we share your glow
hand in hand, Moon Lady
One day she left me, said goodbye
so sad her pardon smile
I could helped although I tried
you must know, tried so hard, Moon Lady

Help me know with your gentle glow
can't you see, I need her Moon Lady

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