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jaar: 1968

muziek: Udo Jürgens

tekst: Walter Brandin

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Many Thousand of Windows

Now the city wears an evening dress
a sea of lights in the darkness
the loneliness enters in every house at this time.

We live like we're on little islands
You even don't know who lives next to you
You all, you don't know each other
In the same world of noise and lights.

Many thousands of windows shine bright in this city
and you ask yourself: Who might be behind them?
Many thousands of windows say silently: here still lives somebody
as lonesome and alone just as you.

Could that human over there be the one
Of whom you are dreaming year after year?
Who might be your home?
But you are seperated from him by a sea of houses.

Tomorrow your heart is still so empty
then you are still so hoping
in this grey world of steel and stone

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