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godina: 1994

glazba: Petr Hapka

text: Zdeněk Rytíř

orkestar, hor: Karel Gott Band - Pavel Větrovec

studio: ČST (Opět ve Slaném - divadlo Slaný)

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How many times I stood in front of that little store
where even frost warmed me
only me and time were treading through an old castle in my mind

How many times as the kind sunshine was turning gold
from an old frame a beautiful girl's face made me crazy
the girl's face as a rose hidden in ochre scarf

I was wating she give me a sign - uselessly
she looked at my misery impassively
despite it longed to have that picture in my attic

A man came suddenly and bought that picture
perhaps he loves her now...

Only I know he made no mistake at all
so I can sleep well.

I don't look for an unchanging smile from a canvas any more
this woman's beauty use to have little sense

Dreams about bringing girl to life are passing away

You can easily flame up to pictures perhaps
it is strange - they cannot give you back love with your passion
painters will surely forgive my blaspheming

How many times as the kind sunshine is turning gold
each time a beautiful girl's face make me crazy
she even needn't wear a nice ochre scarf

I don't wait for secret signs uselessly any more
Now I know where love springs indeed
Now I know that she reply my sign

Když muž se ženou snídá - hity z 90. let (2009) [ID 1859]
Když muž se ženou snídá

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