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Original: Memory

year: 1981

music: Andrew L. Webber

lyrics: Hana Zagorová

orchestra, choir: TOČR - Josef Vobruba

studio: ČRO studio A

other versions:

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Dawn is breaking as in a wonder
a lift moved through silence
somewhere downfloor

Morning is waking up
floping its wings on the window-blinds
look, day is beginning now

A white girl suddenly was standing here last night
almost afraid to breathe
and I let her to come in

A girl in white,
or a face suddenly weaved from a dream
intimate and unknown, too.

Through the white glow
the white shine lighted in us suddenly
armful of light, desire that flew up
as a bird nesting in grass

Stay, I wanted to call, stay!
she quickly locked my tongue
with hot lock of her lips

Words don't come easy
and the clicking of her white shoes
sounds on the pavement through an empty night

I know your lips,
webs of your eyelashes
even love in us
the gate to the stars

Time was in hurry
I forgot I don't and must know your name

"White" - I give you that name, you are white
there is no power in the world
that may stop me

I will find you
even if I would go to the end of the world alone
I want to hold you,
I swear

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