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Karel Gott | Lieder | Láska bláznivá

Jahr: 1976

Musik: Karel Svoboda

Text: Jiří Štaidl

Orchester, Chor: Karel Vlach

Studio: ČST - Břevnov

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A couple of her and him
an orchestra sound
I'm looking back at them
with sadness in my eyes
I tend to feel blue

The wandering on the hill of Říp
it's better to walk double

I feel like crying
and asking the question
that sounds like a cheap joke

Why this crazy love
avoids me for years
it has little compassion
when I spend nights phishing

Why this crazy love
stays in a corner
why it doesn't attack me at all
and other people enchains

The wandering, the crazy day
bell-sound, silence and dole
if I could play the violin
to hear no kisses
to write a plain tree trunk

Karel Gott '76 (komplet 18) (2003) [ID 1440]
Karel Gott '76
Zlatá kolekce (2007) [ID 1821]
Zlatá kolekce

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