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Original: Sereno e

Jahr: 1975

Musik: Enrico Ricardi

Text: Zdeněk Borovec

Orchester, Chor: Ladislav Štaidl

Studio: ČST

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She's The Way She Is

She's the way she is
as she's suddenly fallen into my lap
not black nor blonde
sometimes she's this and another time that
I always guess how does she behave
obviously never the way I wanna her to

She's the way she is
a bit of child, a bit of mondaine
I just don't have a good memory for names
so I call her My Love.
You're not a gem nor bad,
you're just not what I'd like

She's the way she is
one can't expect her to change
perhaps she's only concerned about her own beauty
so you not to breathe a word
how slender and vaulted she is
though not the way I'd want

She's the way she is
when you behold her near the beach tomorrow
let her know to not stick on me,
to not worry about me,
to be the way she is and happy
though not the way I'd want

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