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Karel Gott | Canciones | Till I Can Make It On My Own

año: 1981

música: Tommy Richey

texto: George Richey

orquesta, coro: Ladislav Štaidl

estudio: Mozarteum

otras versiones:

karel gott  mp3


I'll need time to get you off my mind
I may sometimes bother you, try to be in touch with you
Even ask too much of you, from time to time
Now and then, Lord, you know I'll need a friend
'till I get used to losing you, let me keep on using you,
'Till I can make it on my own.

I'll get by, but no matter how I try
There'll be times that you'll know I'll call
Chances are my tears will fall
And I'll have no pride at all, from time to time
But they say, oh, there'll be a brighte new day
But 'til then I lean on you, that's all I mean to do,
'Till I can make it on my own.

Surely someday I'll look up and see the morning sun
Without another lonely night behind me
Then I'll know I'm over you and all my cryin's done
No more hurtin' memories can find me.

But 'till then, Lord, you know I'm gonna need a friend
And 'till I get used to losing you, let me keep on using you
'Till I can make it on my own...
'Till I can make it on my own...

Country Album (Country Hits) (1982) [ID 1030]
Country Album
Country Hits (Country Album) (1990) [ID 1101]
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