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Karel Gott | Chansons | Please Help Me, I'm Falling

année: 1965

musique: Don Robertson

paroles: Hall Blair

duo: Eva Pilarová

orchestre, chœur: Ferdinand Havlík

studio: Divadlo Semafor

d'autres versions:

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Please help me, I'm falling in love with you
Close the door to temptation don't let me walk through
Turn away from me darling I'm begging you to
Please help me I'm falling in love with you

I belong to another whose arms have grown cold
But I promised forever to have and to hold
So I can never be free dear but when I'm with you
I know that I'm losing the will to be true.

Recitál - Eva Pilarová & Karel Gott (komplet 7) (1998) [ID 1341]

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