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Karel Gott | Accessibility Statement

Web pages www.karelgott.net are trying to be easily accessible and operational. Web pages are made according to the rules of creating a public website. They meet main rules of accessibility according to WCAG 1.0 methodology and Blind Friendly Web (the United Organization of the Vision Impaired and the Blind Project).

The structure of the layout and content is created by structured XHTML 1.0 Strict. Visual presentation is made by cascade styles (CSS).


All texts are defined by using relative units, their size can be adjusted by standard tools of an internet explorer as well as by the icons + or - in the top left corner.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • [0] - declaration of accessibility
  • [1] - homepage
  • [2] - content
  • [3] - print
  • [5] - site map
  • [6] - contact

How use keyboard shortcuts

  • Windows and Internet Explorer: [Alt] + [Shift] then [digit] then [Enter]
  • Mozilla Firefox/Netscape: [Alt] + [digit].
  • Opera: [Shift] + [Esc] - show menu with list of keyboard shortcuts, then [digit]
  • Macintosh and Internet Explorer: [Ctrl] + [digit] then [Enter]
  • Macintosh and Safari/Mozilla/Netspace: [Ctrl] + [digit]

Should you find anything in these pages, which does not meet the accessibility requirements, please inform us, so that we can take the necessary steps to rectify these potential shortcomings. Thank you.

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