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Prague By Night

The Heart of Europe

Czech Republic is with its 10 million inhabitans a small country right in the Centre of Europe ! You can imagine it as the heart of Europe between Germany (on West) and Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia (on East), and of similar large as Ireland or Austria, a small, but bigger then Denmark, Netherlands or Switzerland. It has the same number of inhabitants as Greece, Belgium or Hungary. Czech Republic is composed of 3 nations - "Bohemia" (the greatest) on the West, "Moravia" on East and small nation on Czech-Polish border "Silesia" on North-East. The official language is Czech with only little different dialects.The biggest town is the Capital, City right in the cetre of Bohemia - Prague. It has about 1.2 milion metropolitans. Another of big towns are Brno in the centre of Moravia with 390 thousand inhabitants, Ostrava - in the centre of Silesia with 330 thousand and Plzen in the centre of West Bohemia with 180 thousand inhabitants.

Prague - Charles Bridge

Prague - old town - Charles Bridge


Great Moravia 908 - 1198

Czech Republic is a very old country and its roots date back to 5th century, so it has very rich history and culture. The first Slavonic realm on its land arose in 623 ac and the first Czech empire "Great Moravia" in 908.

Czech Kingdom 1198 - 1620

Between 1198 - 1620 the Czech State had become a Kingdom. In that time of Middle Ages Czech Kingdom was one of the most important and advanced nations in Europe.

Austria 1620 - 1867

After the neverending, trying and finally actually lost 30-years war between Czechia and Austria, Czechia had fallen in 1675 under total domination of Austria for very long time. Not untill since 19st century the national authority had been growing stronger while Austria empire constistency weak on the contrary. But every small nation in this empire wanted to emancipate itself.

Austria - Hungary 1867 - 1918

The Empire of Austria came apart into the two parts with independent goverment in Austria and Hungary.

Czechoslovakia 1918 - 1939

After the lost 1st world war in 1918 Austrian empire totally broke up at last. Czechia emancipated itself and according to an idea of Tomas Garrique Masaryk - its first president, joined the Slovakia - a small provincial country, to constitute a new free democratic state "Czechoslovakia", to help Slovakia and to strenghten independence of the new state.

German protektorate of Bohemia and Moravia 1939 - 1945 (fascist regime)

Czech Republic and Slovakia have been separated, Slovakian goverment colaborates with German fascist regime and Czechia fell under domination of fascistic Germany, the country is enemy-occupied and joined to Germany. Czechoslovakia 1945 - 1948 The country is free, however communists in cooperation with their Soviet Comrades are preparing to make a coup.

Czechoslovakia 1945 - 1948

The country regains its freedom, however communists in cooperation with their Soviet Comrades are preparing to make a coup.

Czechoslovakia 1948 - 1989 (communist regime)

Up to the communist putsch in 1948 Czechoslovakia grew into one of the most important and advanced countries in Europe again. From 1948 to 1989 (as all the Eastern Europe) it was under domination of Soviet Union and its totalitarian communist regime, that brought country to the general downfall.

Czechoslovakia 1989 - 1992

In 1989, when the communist regimes have broken down, the country regains its freedom again, however there's growing desire of Slovakians for their independence now.

Czech Republic 1993

In 1992, Czech and Slovakian nation came to an agreement to get independent and Czech Republik for the first time since Middle Ages becomes independent since 1993 again and Slovakia for the first time ever (except the 2nd world war stage).

Czech and Slovak language is so similar as Russian and Ukrainan or Norwegian and Swedish, for example.

Prague - Charles Bridge

Prague - Charles Bridge

Here are some world known famous Czechs

hockey players - Jaromir Jagr, Dominik Hasek, Vaclav Prospal, Roman Turek, Martin Rucinsky, Martin Havlat, Pavel Kubina, Roman Cechmanek, Patrik Elias, Robert Reichel...

footballers - Pavel Nedved, Milan Baros, Tomas Rosicky, Karel Poborsky, David Rozehnal, Pavel Kuka...

another sportsman - Jan Zelezny, Katerina Neumannova, Emil Zatopek, Dana Zatopkova, Ivan Lendl, Vera Caslavska, Roman Sebrle, Martina Navratilova, Jana Novotna, Stepanka Hilgertova...

statesman - Vaclav Havel, Tomas Garrique Masaryk, Vaclav Klaus, Madeleine Albright...

culture - Antonin Dvorak, Bedrich Smetana, Bohumil Hrabal, Milan Kundera, Milos Forman, Leos Janacek, Franz Kafka, Karel Capek, Vladimir Paral, Eva Urbanova, Gabriela Benackova..

business - Tomas Bata

modelling - Tereza Maxova, Terezie Dobrovolna, Simona Krainova, Michaela Malacova, Eva Herzigova...

companies - Skoda (auto), Tatra, Jawa, Zetor...

Prague - Old Town Square

Prague - Old Town Square

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The Map of Europe

Weather in Prague

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