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Karel Gott | CD LP MC Ich will dich so wie du bist (bonus version)

[I Want You The Way You Are]

Karel Gott | Ich will dich so wie du bist (bonus version)

CD LP MC Polydor 843 104

In 1989, Karel Gott recorded the last new album of the 80's after a year-long pause. After the years, when he recorded even several new albums during one year, it was the first pause ever. And it's obvious to see that he has recovered completely after a smaller tiredness, this was not the case for the Czech LP Loď snů, recorded in 1988. The album sounds very modern, actually current, Karel's voice is really completely fat. Well, Karel Gott reaches his 50-ites, the fans are not so crazy about him, however this has not affected his popularity. From this succcessful album, almost every other song became a hit and the greatest hits became Nie mehr Boleros (only on the second edition), which was recorded in Czech version first one year later, with even fatter voice colour, this is the case of the song Bis ans Ende aller Strassen as well. This time, as the result of the revolution, most of the songs from this record are known in the Czech verions as well and this album was even released in Czechoslovakia after the revolution in November 1989.

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