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Karel Gott | 2CD 50 hitů

[50 hits]

Karel Gott | 50 hitů

2CD Supraphon (CZ) SU 5649-2

It's a selection, interesting mostly by the fact that all of the older records have been replaced by newer cover versions, if they were available. So if you prefer original versions, you will get disappointed. But in some cases, newer records may rather sound better (Cesta rájem) or in other cases it's a pity that the older records have not been used (Lady Carneval). This version of Lady Carneval from the 2LP Zpívá Karel Gott has not been released on CD before though. On the album, we can find even other records which have not been released on CD yet and propably it won't be the case either, considering cover versions from the 2LP story 2. The selection prefers mostly older hits, newer songs build only a small part of the album. We can find a new, yet unreleased record of the song Noční král, which has reached higher technical quality here, then the five years older original released on the album Miluj. In the same way we have to appreciate including of the nowadays hard to get original record of the hit Být stále mlád. Nevertheless, the date information in the booklet contains several mistakes again. Kdepak ty ptáčku hnízdo máš - it's the same version as on the album Hudba není zlá from 1973, so nothing new, as the tracklist tells. The song Zvonky štestí is the original version of 1984 again, not two years younger cover version, as it is stated (this version can only be found on the album 42 Nejvetších hitu). The new version of Pulnoc v motelu Stop could have been recorded in 2003, nevertheless, it was released in 2005, not in 2000.

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