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Karel Gott | CD Lidovky mého srdce

[Folk Songs of My Heart]

Karel Gott | Lidovky mého srdce

CD Supraphon (CZ) SU 6001-2

I thought about which comment I would provide to this album and I realized that this album does not even need a comment. Maybe to add only the following – it’s fantastic, that Karel Gott after long years returned even in his Czech repertoire to the genre of folk music. But due to the fact that (unfortunately nowadays) the album is not commercial – not popular or only a little bit popular music, as it was in the case of the album Belcanto, we can’t expect any sale records. Although, who knows, maybe it will, against all expectations, reach better than good selling figures, as the CD Swing collection several years ago did. In any case it’s sure that this album will be purchased by many listeners who usually do not listen to such genres. Well, it’s sung by Karel Gott. And maybe, this kind of music could gain new listeners then. It would be a real award, because the Czechs usually have a distance to the traditional music, a very different situation than for other nations, who are not so reserved against this music, where pop and folk combines in the way we do not even realize what is folk song and what is pop.

What should we add? Maybe only the fact that Karel Gott shows his complete music feelings again and though his voice of a 70-year-old singer cannot be compared to the one Karel Gott had in his 30-ies, his interpretation of these songs nowadays is as great as it was then. Shortly you can see that he has not forgotten to sing the folk songs. And he does it in a wonderful way. Well, this music is the ground element. Who is not able to sing folk songs, can’t really become a good singer in the right word meaning. If you buy this CD, you buy a timeless, quality album. Chosen hits, great band and great singer. Maybe he has a voice too skilled and charismatic for such songs. If it’s good or bad for this genre, it’s up to each of us to decide and we can not compare. In any case, the songs performed by him are unique and unrepeteable. And you see, the comment grew big at last..

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2010-05-12 21:07
Rostislav 5

2010-06-23 22:32
Břetislav 5

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