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Karel Gott | LP Go In Search of Happiness

Karel Gott | Go In Search of Happiness

LP Columbia (JP) YX-7206-S

Go In Search of Happiness, that's the name of Karel Gott's album which he finished completely already in 1977, that means even earlier than the czech version - Romantika. The English version excludes the song Půjdem spát (Let's Get Off), it has been replaced by the title track Jdi za štestím (Just Carry On or Go In Search of Happiness). This song can be found on the album Karel Gott '78. This album was released in 1978 in Japan under Columbia Nippon company label and in eastern Germany as Amore mio. First in 1979, the international version called My Romantic Feeling was released, though with different track list and the English version of the song Lorelay was replaced by the English version of Kiss and say goodbye. Otherwise, the albums are the same, though the English version of Do re mi la (My First Love) is slower and also has not such a drive. Some of the songs from the album have been released on the CD re-edition of the album Romantika.

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