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Karel Gott | CD Loď snů (komplet 33)


Karel Gott | Loď snů (komplet 33)

CD Supraphon (CZ) SU 5884-2 312

In May of 1989, the last new album of the 80's was released. It was completely recorded back in 1988 already, so it was released with a half-year delay. It's a good and interesting album, however, it feels as if we could feel the tiredness of Karel Gott he often mentioned. It's also the last album where Ladislav Štaidl and his orchestra cooperated. From some points of view, this album sounds a bit old-fashioned today, but we can even find hits there, which still feel current, such as Svět má ty chvíle rád, Kam se to ztrácí, Nevím proč bych nepřiznal... We can also recognize longer adult-growing of Karel's voice, the colour is darker, it becomes massive and loses its heights.

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