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Karel Gott | LP MC Meine Lieder

[My Songs]

Karel Gott | Meine Lieder

LP MC Polydor 2371939

In 1979, Karel Gott released the last pop album of the 70's, called simply and clearly - My songs '79 or just My Songs. We can find two of the songs from the ZDF Show 78 album there though. It is actually a very pleasant album, similar in its character as Karel Gott '79, but with more expressive songs. The megahit became a song with Czech title Babicka, another hit was even Lago Maggiore and Bitte mach kein Licht Susanne, which did not really reach the same positions in Czech charts (Byl by hřích se potmě bát). Except for this records, the album only includes songs not released in Czech versions. This successful album was also released in the USA, under the title track name Maruschka.

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