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Karel Gott | 2CD ...a to mám rád (komplet 26)

[...and That's What I Like]

Karel Gott | ...a to mám rád (komplet 26)

2CD Supraphon (CZ) SU 5645-2

In 1983 Karel Gott recorded a pop album, which as one of very few was also estimated for foreign market under the name ... And that°s what I like. This album is high above average and it highly overreaches the standard of the domestic production of that times, so no wonder that this was the case. From the album, super hits such as ... A to mám rad and German author songs Plnoletá and Text k téhle písni jsem psal já (and it really was true) or Chceš dál v mém stínu stál. Only the version of Dream on as Drív já stays behind the original.

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