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Karel Gott | CD LP MC Písmo lásky

[Holy Writ Of Love]

Karel Gott | Písmo lásky

CD LP MC Supraphon (CS) 110833

Before the Christmas of 1990, which means still during the atmosphere of the period after the revolution, which you can feel from the album, another new album reached the market, this time with a more modern sound and a new orchestra KGB (Karel Gott Band). It feels as if Karel Gott has left the tiredness of the ending 80's behind after the revolution, he was not afraid to face the reviewers which appeared during this period in crowds. Songs from this album were very successful on a tour, which should have been a farewell-tour. The album brought several hits, such as Hříšné bolero, a current song Pravda hlásí svůj návrat or Buď mi sestrou, buď mi bráchou, a great song Jen láska tvá and others. Maybe except the last song, a duett, it's a very good and balanced album.

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2009-01-28 09:02
Pavel 4

2009-07-07 11:30
Jaroslav 3

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