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Karel Gott | LP My Czech Goldies

Karel Gott | My Czech Goldies

LP Supraphon Artia 11133925

In 1982 Karel Gott recorded English versions of his current and even older Czech hits again and unfortunatelly, no re-edition in the CD Komplet of this album is planned, so it will end up forgotten. The album has quite a good niveau, though some of the songs (mainly Beatles and Nestarej se kamaráde, but even Kam se schoulíš) have been recorded better in Czech versions. But actually the other songs sound rather better in English. The older song versions are done in a different way, with different arrangements. From unknown reasons, nowadays this album is hard-to-get neither in Czech republic, nor abroad and we can say that it, in a similar way as White christmas, belongs among collector rarities. On the album, English versions of the songs can be found in this order: Holka v domě - Kam se schoulíš - Robinson - Jsi krásná - Nevinná - Kdepak ty ptáčku - Milion důvodů - Beatles - Hvězda chodníků - Bloudím pasáží - Půlnoc probdělá - Nestarej se, kamaráde.

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