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Karel Gott | LP MC Má píseň

[My Song]

Karel Gott | Má píseň

LP MC Supraphon (CS) 1131296

In 1972, Karel Gott recorded a new album, which have not ranked among the best of his 70's pieces though, but despite of that it has become the 5th most selling title at the Czechoslovakian market of 1972. It is a quite good album with cover versions and czech songs as well, even if some of the songs may sound really out-of-date today. We can still find some nice songs among them, for ex. Má písen, Poutník or Oči barvy holubí or Kávu si osladím, which has become a real megahit. The sale of Karel Gott records in 1972 was awarded by a golden record.

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Pavel 3

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Jaroslav 3

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Juraj 4

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