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Karel Gott | LP MC Bílé vánoce

[White Christmas]

Karel Gott | Bílé vánoce

LP MC Supraphon (CS) 1133240

The Christmas album Bílé vánoce from 1982 belongs again among the most successful titles not only of Karel Gott, but of the whole Czech pop-music, when 400.000 copies has been sold. The first side of the recorded is estimated to current christmas songs, eg. the legendary White christmas of B. Crosby, in an outstanding performance of Karel Gott and new songs of Czech production, the other side of the record is estimated for classical, mostly Czech folk carols. Except for the song White christmas, a beautiful cantilena called Dny zázraků a přání (Holy night) is shining there. This album was also among the first ones, which has been released in re-edition in 1988 on CD and Karel Gott has also recorded it in English version as White Christmas, although the first song had a different arrangement there. The English version has only been released on LP.

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