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Karel Gott | LP MC Karel Gott heute

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Karel Gott | Karel Gott heute

LP MC Amiga (DDR) 8 55 744

This East-German album recorded in 1980 follows the Czech one Karel Gott dnes (not only its same name) released in the same year. We can actually find many German versions of the Czech hits (recorded at the same base). Furthermore, there is an older single of Amiga, a version of the song Dál dál se toulám, probably form 1978, but the album includes even a beautiful song called Liebestraum, which can not be found elsewhere - interesting is that this Czech song has no Czech version, only German. Propably Karel should have sung it in Czech as well, but this has never happened. There is another song with the same name, on the album Von Romeo und Julia, but it's quite different song. Besides common songs, the album has been also completed by hits from Polydor albums Meine Lieder '79 and Eine Liebe ist viele Trännen wert.

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