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Karel Gott | CD Romantika (komplet 21)


Karel Gott | Romantika (komplet 21)

CD Supraphon (CZ) SU 5636-2

In 1977-78, Karel Gott recorded the legendary album Romantika, which ranks among the best and which really is timeless and still current. As the name tells, it is an album of romantic melodies and cantilens, cover versions and hits from the Czech production. The whole album is adorable balanced and provides a very pure, clear sound and feeling. Only in Czechoslovakia, the album has been sold in more than 250 000 copies. The reviewers of the past were excited about it in the same way. Especially songs Do re mi la, Lorelay from Czech authors or covers Pár havraních copánků (Love Me Tender) or Deštivý den (Your Song) from Elton John have became hits. Maybe only this song stays behind the original. But the original has been overwhelmed by Karel's German version in 1971. The slightly changed album was released in English versions, among others in Japan and it is one of the few old records, which made it to the most selling current titles in the TOP 40 IFPI (Czech national chart).

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