Karel Gott | CD Má píseň (komplet 13 / Mistral)

[My Song (Mistral)]

  1. album song  Text  Mistral (2:53)
  2. album song  Text  Wenn leis ein Vogel singt (2:50)
  3. album song  Text  Mr. Green (3:39)
  4. album song  Text  Julia (4:01)
  5. album song  Text  Wanderer (3:07)
  6. album song  Text  Ein Stückchen Zucker mehr (2:33)
  7. album song  Text  Unruh' (3:23)
  8. album song  Text  Kein Tag ohne Liebe (2:23)
  9. album song  Text  Голубчик (2:46)
  10. album song  Text  The Midnight Special (3:59)
  11. album song  Text  Daddy, geh'doch nicht so schnell (3:36)
Karel Gott | Má píseň (komplet 13 / Mistral)

CD Sony Music (CZ) 501683-2

In 1973, Karel Gott recorded altogether in German sung album in the production of companies Supraphon and Amiga with current Czech and German hits, which included even three traditionals, Russian, English and Italian. The song called Wenn leis ein Vogel singt (Zpívejte písně mé) has different arrangement than the czech version, othervise they are similar. The three traditionals are a real decoration of the whole album, it warms every Russian heart while listenting to the romance called Golubcik and neapolitan Fenesta che lucive (Finestra in Italian), it is a real masterpiece.