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Karel Gott | LP MC Hrátky s láskou

[Toys With Love]

Karel Gott | Hrátky s láskou

LP MC Supraphon (CS) 1133464

In 1984, Karel Gott recorded a romantic-feeling album, similar as in the case of the older and outstanding record Romantika. Somebody compares Hrátky s láskou with Romantika, but it's not really the case. The time has passed and changed and even the voice of Karel Gott has grown more adult and reach a fat colour. For sure, this album belongs among the best ones in discography of Karel Gott and it is still current nowadays, after more than 20 years. The album is filled with romantic songs and classical cantilena hits such as Only you or Unchained melody, and even hits from Czech production have risen from this album, such as the superhit To musím zvládnout sám. We can't forget also the beautiful melody of the erotic film Emanuelle - Hrátky s láskou, which is sure the highlight of whole album. As it would made for Karel Gott. Only versions of songs Are you lonesome tonight from E.Presley or mainly Try to remember from L.Armstrong stay behind the originals.

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2009-01-28 09:13
Pavel 4

2009-07-07 11:26
Jaroslav 3

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