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Karel Gott | LP MC Bella Italia

Karel Gott | Bella Italia

LP MC Polydor 2372093 (club 91301/ 91816)

In 1981, Karel Gott has been acting in a German-Italian film Scusi, wo liegt Belcanto? and referring to this film, he has again recorded classical and folk Italian hits - this time it's no belcanto, the album is rather of a chamber character. Mainly because of this reason it's not an outstanding album, this may have been the purpose. It's rather a good average or an album without any outstanding ambitions, as we could await of songs of this type. But on the other hand, this is the only album, where Karel Gott does not perform classical italian hits in a belcanto way. The album does not miss such classical hits as Sole Mio, Arrivederci Roma, Funiculi-Funicula, Maria Mari, Core'ngrato or La Danza.

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