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Karel Gott | CD Lady Carneval (komplet 9)

Karel Gott | Lady Carneval (komplet 9)

CD Sony Music (CZ) 495122 2

This could have been the name of an album released in 1968, during the period of restless and politically ripped open period... Karel Gott recorded many songs during that year, but they were not acceptable in the past, so some of them were only released on singles. Even the release of the great, English sung album Walk with me, which he recorded, was abadonned because of political reasons... Well, it were bad times, but not for the popularity of Karel Gott, which almost reached heaven then and jumped up from the minor fall the previous year. K. Gott returned from Las Vegas as a self-confident professional with aim to become a star. On this album, mainly composed of singles from '68 it's plain to see that his voice has grown up almost completely. The album is filled with hits, from Lady Carneval, over to Proč ptáci zpívají to Čas růží - masterpieces all of them. The record sale was awarded by golden record.

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