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Karel Gott | LP MC MB Hol' die Welt in dein Haus

[Bring The World Into Your Hause]

Karel Gott | Hol' die Welt in dein Haus

LP MC MB Polydor 2371266

PROMO '72: In spring, while fellow artists perform on tours, Karel Gott surprises his fans with a brand new LP. Incidentally his last production was released during autumn '71, which was only a few months ago. There were as usual lots of gossip, of difficulties in Prague, of a long illness, and so much so, that fans began asking if Karel was married, or whether he had resigned from Show Business. Nothing of the above is true: Karel has worked as usual, rather less in concert halls and studios west of the Elbe. Prague had to have its share, then his fans in Poland and in the East Germany also wanted to hear him...

Then followed weeks of intensive preparation for this new LP and he was seldom satisfied with his achievements, so all titles were rehearsed, the arrangements changed and many tracks were repeatedly recorded until the whole production was satisfactorily completed. The result was worth the strenuous effort. Listen to it yourself. For example: "Komm zu mir" or his version of the world famous "Till", "Hol' die Welt in dein Haus", arranged in a Honky-Tonk-Style and the great hit "Amarillo". This selection presents a lovely mixture of hits, both international and German as well as new compositions by Czech composers. As different as the melodies and rhythms are, they form together a basis for a new success of this great voice - Karel Gott!

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