Karel Gott | CD MC The Golden Voice of Prague (komplet 6 / Walk With Me)

  1. single record  Text  My One And Only Love (2:31)
  2. single record  Text  Stranger On The Shore (2:34)
  3. single record  Text  Day By Day (1:58)
  4. single record  Text  I'm Lonely (2:54)
  5. single record  Text  I Left My Heart In Puerto Rico (3:22)
  6. single record  Text  Home (2:13)
  7. single record  Text  Only You (2:33)
  8. single record  Text  I'm Yours (2:21)
  9. single record  Text  I Want A Baby Just Like You (2:16)
  10. single record  Text  For Loving Me (3:14)
  11. TV record  Text  The Trail to Mexico (2:23)
  12. TV record  Text  Oh, Susannah (0:39)
  13. live record  Text  La Mamma (3:24)
  14. live record  Text  A Hard Day's Night (2:25)
Karel Gott | The Golden Voice of Prague (komplet 6 / Walk With Me)

CD MC Bonton (CZ) 491040-2

After the album The Golden Voice of Prague, another former english-sung album Walk With Me Karel Gott recorded during 1966-68, however its release was prohibited by the communist regime then. It was only released on EP and singles. As a prohibited album, it was completely released first after the revolutions, after 25 years, under the name "Only You" and then in the re-edition CD Complete as bonus to the first album. We can find current czech and world hits there and it belongs the best of Karel Gott, but there are even some rarities as bonus tracks hidden there.