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Karel Gott | CD LP MC In einer Nacht wie heut'

[In a Night as Today]

Karel Gott | In einer Nacht wie heut'

CD LP MC Polydor 511743

Already in 1991, one year before it's market release, Karel Gott recorded another successful new album, which equals with its quality (if it not has overreached it) the great Czech album Když muž se ženou snídá. It sounds very compact and we can find even some songs there, which Karel later recorded for the mentioned Czech album. However the song Sarah is recorded on a different base, it's more expressional and lively, Karel sings about a girl called Sarah. Other songs are unknown in Czech versions. Almost all of the songs were successful. In the period after the revolution, where there were achievements to release the album (propably?), it even appeared on the Czechoslovakian market.

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