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Karel Gott | CD Když muž se ženou snídá

[When Man Has Breakfast With a Woman]

Karel Gott | Když muž se ženou snídá

CD Supraphon (CS) 111700

In 1992, one of the most successful albums of Karel Gott during the 90's was released. It became the best sold album of 1992 and it was awarded by platina record. It brought several real hits, songs such as Svět je svět, ne ráj, Lásko tvoje jméno je zkáza, Malagou, když struny zvoní or the superhit Když muž se ženou snídá, which is still on air-play. From some point ofs view, the album has indeed been overreach nowadays, but it still has a lot to offer to a listener nowadays. To the CD version, even the single "Hymna bližních" was added, which was not released on LP before.

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