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Karel Gott | 2MC Meine Wolgamelodie / Goldstücke

[My Wolga-Melodies]

Karel Gott | Meine Wolgamelodie / Goldstücke

2MC Karussel (D)

In 1974 Karel Gott recorded an album of Russian national songs, which belongs to the best in his whole catalogue. Beautiful songs, great and heart-felt interpretation, one can even feel as if he was in historical Russia, the album breaths the atmosphere of Russian winter and spring, but you have to listen to it several times to "experience" this. Of course, the Russian megahit Kalinka is not missing, but Katjusa, it is the only song which does not really fit in here. If Karel recorded the whole album in Russian, the illusion would be more than complete... Karel simply feels not only in Czech or German, but even in Italian and Rssian songs like at home.

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