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Karel Gott | DVD Stokrát chválím čas - hity ze 70. let

[I Praise Hundred Times This Time - Hits of 70's]

Karel Gott | Stokrát chválím čas - hity ze 70. let

DVD Supraphon (CZ) SU 7083-9

Another DVD mapping the journey of Karel Gott, which should not be left away and we have to admit - it's a pitty that it has not been released on two medias for every decennium. As the first disc is devoted the 60-ies, it still presents a plesant, though a bit nostalgic memory, how fast the time flies... The poor quality of the video recordings contributes to this fact, where we can clearly see, how the Czechoslovakian TV was sending during the 70-ies*). But otherwise, nothing can be pointed out to the selection of the records, only a bit confused dating of the recordings. The bonus is also interesting - a live recording from Las Vegas from the East-German TV - sung by Karel (with rather a huge emphasis) in the same year at the Golden Orfeus festival in Bulgaria (see samples).

*) Until 1973 only in black and white and in a poor quality - by the way, it has been prepared in Czechoslovakia since 1960 and the first broadcasting, which should be recorded and shown in colour, was the concert of Karel Gott. For those who can not remember this - colour TV was only for someone, it was very expensive and only some programs were recorded in colour then. In Czechoslovakia, the mass expansion of the colour TV was reached first in 1987 - with a delay of 15 years against other Western countries. Two years later, with a delay of 10 years, the first VHS players reached Czechoslovakian market.

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