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Karel Gott | DVD Když muž se ženou snídá - hity z 90. let

[When Man Has Breakfast With a Woman - Hits of 90's]

Karel Gott | Když muž se ženou snídá - hity z 90. let

DVD Supraphon (CZ) SU 7101

Another DVD from the edition tracing the singer´s career of Karel Gott on the domestic scene, differs at a first look from the previous ones, devoted to the 60ies, 70ies and 80ies. From 2/3s, this DVD contains only live recordings from concerts or playbacks from TV shows. But what can we do – the reason is propably the fact, that during the 90ies, there weren´t many videos recorded with Karel Gott and thus, the choice was not so big. Otherwise it could have been better, if the live recordings from concerts were released separatelly on a Live DVD. Among the live recordings, we would propably choose better and more precious songs and we would prefer to see more recordings from later 90ies – most of the recordings here are from the first part of the 90ies, which is a bit pity. Otherwise there is nothing to be pointed out at this album and certainly it is an interesting document of the production in the 90ies – a period which was a bit poorer if hits are considered, but despite of that, still it was rich if the quality of the recordings is considered. The voices is loosing its young glance and it becomes deeper and reflects experience.

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