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Karel Gott | CD Встречай весну

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Karel Gott | Встречай весну

CD Melodija (RU) / PAO / Coadex (2010 DE) 60 01374

Finally we have received the long-awaited release of Russian-sung recordings of the label Melodija on CD! (Even though many could add, only if also Polydor recordings would follow – but here it´s still a huge question if this ever would be the case, according to the release plan of Koch Universal, which does not re-release LP records on CDs). No wonder, despite of the fact that only a few thousand pieces of this record were released, after 30 years huge interest has risen and the company had to press new ones. In 2010, this album was released again and distributed even outside Russia, on the West-European market, resp. global market. What should we add to the Russian CD? It´s not really a re-edition in the right meaning, because Czech records were left out and on contrary, as bonus, many interesting single records were added, and the list of the songs is different as well. If this album became an absolute best-seller during its time, it was awarded by Golden record for 5 000 000 sold copies and it took Karel Gott to the first popularity spot in Sowiet Union, the added singles contributed to the album a lot. And let´s add that in all cases, records from 1975 to 1977 are considered. You may or may not be a big fan, you should definitely have this CD, because it does not only belong to the most favorite ones, but also to the top productions of Karel Gott during the 70's.

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