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Karel Gott | CD Má pouť

[My Way]

Karel Gott | Má pouť

CD GoJa (CZ) 401 324 026-2

If we could say about the album My Guardian Angel, that you had to listen to it several times, this album makes this meaning doubled. The album My Way brings a new range, again you can not say anything than - this has been here already, and despite of this, most of the listeners do not get interested by the album at the first listening. This is given by the choice of great and quality repertoire, which reaches from pop, musical to classical music, and we do not miss new songs either, which Frank Wildhorn composed for Karel Gott (Jekyll a Hyde, Hříšník má se kát...) which provide the same quality as the classical hits. The whole album sounds in the atmosphere of a huge symphonic orchestra of Žofín Palace, which recorded all the songs. If the listener does not loose patience, this album certainly becomes one of his favourites, all time albums, which we apparently can await of such a record. Great arrangements and of course performance of Karel Gott, where even earlier recorded songs get new dimensions - they sound more mature, deeper, more sensitive (You'll Never Walk Alone, I Believe). And we have to add that this is the repertoire which really suites him. The songs recorded recently, sound with the symphonic orchestre more lively, filled with fresh air (Sólo pro motýla, Once In My Life, Forever Young) and they still sound great.

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2009-07-07 11:34
Jaroslav 3

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